Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences was carved out of the former faculty of humanities in 2015. Presently, teaching and research at the undergraduate level in the faculty of social sciences focus on Demography and Social Statistics, Economics, Criminology and Security Studies, Mass Communication, Peace and Conflict Studies, Psychology, Political Science  and Sociology. The faculty currently runs post graduate programmes at masters and doctoral levels in the departments of Demography and Social Statistics, Economics, Psychology and Sociology.

The aim of the faculty is to compete with its peers across the globe and carve a niche for itself through the provision of excellent teaching and training that facilitate critical thinking, entrepreneurial and employability skills; it also aims to contribute to knowledge in basic and applied social sciences that will lead to the socio-economic development at various levels of the society; the faculty also strives to equip the youths with the right knowledge and skills aimed at advancing our increasingly complex society. The faculty is vigorously pursuing these through its linking of teaching with research coupled with a well-designed courses enhanced with the state of the art and current findings from basic and applied social sciences across the globe.

Faculty members are well exposed; they publish regularly in international journals, attend workshops locally and internationally. Many of the faculty members are actively involved in international research and policy networks. The faculty also organizes series of workshops and seminars on cross cutting issues relating to basic and applied social issues.

We implore you to explore our social science programmes as we guarantee that your dreams are achievable with the support of our dedicated staff. Please visit the websites of various departments for more information and feel free to contact us.